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About Us

firstfocuz founded in 2001 and its operations primarily focused in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. firstfocuz occupies a prominent position in medical business market as distributor of wide array of medical products. Our medical division is considered as one of the major divisions forming the organizational structure of firstfocuz. firstfocuz offers the best quality products from renowned manufactures worldwide to its customers. We serve health care institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories and the general public. We are the exclusive dealers in the kingdom for the principal manufactures round the globe like ASPEN Company, ANALIS-HYMETEC, VBM-Medizintechnik GmbH etc. The company has its operations throughout the kingdom, offering full geographical coverage.

The passage of years gave rise to divert our business into different sectors in the kingdom successfully and had extended its operations and started offices in many countries worldwide.

Industrially, the company is known for being pioneer in building strong relationship with its customer by providing quality and standard products. We serve Oil & Gas Industry, Marine & Docks, Ship Chandlers, Construction and Material Handling Industries.

Agriculture and food sector : Among the top listed companies inside the kingdom, firstfocuz becomes the key leader in distributing hygienic and safety products in the field of diary, poultry, confectionaries etc.

firstfocuz also sponsors several symposiums and seminar to educate and give information about our products and it coordinates with major companies and scientific societies. We also conduct own seminars inviting delegates from manufactures directly to the end users.

firstfocuz continuous to invest heavily in advance state of the art system and IT to create a difference and value to company’s principals and customers, thus keeping the company at the forefront of leadership in the distribution business.